Joining Gemini Security Solutions

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Effective today, I am gainfully employed full-time by Gemini Security Solutions. I'll be coming onboard in a combined security consulting and business development role. This is a very exciting opportunity - one I look forward to knocking out of the park!

About Gemini
From the About page: "Gemini Security Solutions provides impartial information security consulting services that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business information and resources. Our value is centered on our ability to deliver the right expertise and the right experience, at the right time."

About Me
For those who don't know me (or, at least not very well), my name is Ben Tomhave, and I'm a security junkie. My background and interests include risk management, security program strategy, security product strategy, application security, key management, policy development and enforcement, security and solutions architecture, and security program development.

If you're looking for consulting services support, then you now have an even better reason to give me a call. Through Gemini, we can cover not only areas where I'm comfortable, but a full spectrum of services, including security assessment, pentesting, PKI, secure coding, and much, much more.

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Congratulations, Ben!

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