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It's that time of year again, but since I like to buck the mainstream, I figured, why do a "predictions" piece when I could just as easily do an observations/trends piece? So... here ya go...

Three Trends for 2013
1. Human Risk
2. Gamification
3. Increased Federal Activity

RSA 2013 - Discount & Where to Find Me

It's that time of year already. Time for RSA Conference USA 2013 planning! This conference seems to sneak on me with increasing frequency.

Want to save $200 off of a full delegate pass? Use code ZSPALJRXZO.

In case you're interested, you can see me participating in the conference at the following times:

Monday I'll be participating in a panel during the half-day Info Risk Practices seminar.

Tuesday I'll be moderating the InfoSec Law Hot Topics panel.

Wednesday I'll be co-presenting with the esteemed Bill Burns (Netflix) in a new short-talk format. I'm very much looking forward to this fun, fast-paced talk. We've also been invited to record the session on Thursday morning, which is an honor, but also a bit cruel coming on the heels of the infamous Wednesday night of parties. :)

Also, for anybody interested in infosec law, the ABA SciTech InfoSec Committee will be hosting it's annual pre-RSA meeting on Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 23-24. Please ping me if you're interested in participating or would like more information.

Applying InfoSec Lessons to Public Safety

The past week in the US has been particularly difficult as we go through the aftermath of a couple more shooting incidents, which tops off a "cluster" year of incidents. While much could be said about the gun control debate, the deficiency of mental health care in the US, and the psychology of these shooters, I am not going to spend any time on that here. Rather, I want to talk about how we can apply a modern infosec mindset to public safety, which is, after all, really the point of many of those debates. Apologies in advance for this being a rather long post. Hopefully you'll find it thoughtful and worthwhile.

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