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Joining Gartner

Greetings! Today I bring you news of a job change.

As of this morning, I am officially onboard at Gartner. I'll be a Research Director within Gartner for Technical Professionals (the former Burton Group). I'll be reporting to Phil Schacter, and working with friends Anton Chuvakin and Erik Heidt.

Overall, I am incredibly excited for this move! It will mean less blogging here on this site (not that I've been able to post much lately anyway), but I will be getting a blog setup over in Gartnerland soon enough, and will do my best to post references back to that page as appropriate.

In answer to the question everybody asks: No, I don't know what coverage area(s) yet. Soon, though! :)

3 Quick Updates

Apologies on the silence of late. I have some blog posts queued and ready to go, but have been holding off on them as I conducted a job search. It never ceases to amaze me how looking for a job can be more exhausting and time-consuming than a full-time job. The good news is, I have a new job lined-up, which I'll announce after the start date. :)

That said, a couple updates:

1) I'll be attending the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit this week at National Harbor, just south of DC. If you're around, then please ping me! :)

2) May was a busy month. I spoke at Secure360, RMISC, and RVAsec. For those in the DC/NoVA/MD area (or anywhere nearby, really, including NC/PA/WV), then I highly recommend RVAsec for next year. I'll be posting slide decks to Slideshare soon, and will of course blog about that accordingly. :)

3) As mentioned above, I've been unemployed since May 15th. I had a decent run in the world of security software startups (GRC space), but hit the wall and burned out. I realize there are lots of skeptics out there about burnout, especially in infosec, but it is real and can have significant consequences. One of my pending blog posts will be about my personal experience this time around (and one similar time in the past). Suffice to say, thank goodness for friends and new opportunities.

I hope to see some of you this week!

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