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GBN: All the World's a Cloud

Posted on my Gartner blog...

"No, not really. But it could be. Consider, if you will, the five essential characteristics of cloud computing (via SP800-145, as well as the CSA Security Guide):

  • On-demand self-service

  • Broad network access

  • Resource pooling

  • Rapid elasticity

  • Measured service

"Keeping these in mind, let's look at three quick scenarios where shifting the mindset to a cloud services approach, even within traditional IT shops, can help reduce cost, improve efficiency, and improve security qualities."

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My New Gartner Blog...

I'll be largely blogging over on the Gartner network now going forward, but will try to cross-post here as well. The first post is now up. It's just introductory, with substantive posts planned for the coming weeks. :)

Check out the post here: "New Analyst, New Blog"

You can follow my Gartner blog at: http://blogs.gartner.com/ben-tomhave/

3 Prior Talks Posted

With my transition to Gartner, my days of freelance public speaking will now be strictly limited. As such, I've decided to upload the presentation decks from some of my recent talks. You can find them on SlideShare as follows:

Title: Interesting Times: Will Business Survive?

Description: Cloud computing. Mobile computing and Bring your own device (BYOD). Global collaboration and communication. Big data. Governance, risk management and compliance. Rapidly escalating regulatory requirements. The world is changing faster than we can keep pace. Attackers evolve methods more rapidly than we can develop defenses, amplifying the asymmetric threat. These are, indeed, interesting times. The question is not how to win, but how to survive in the ever-changing risk landscape.

Title: Manage Your Risk, Not Somebody Else's

Derived from: SC Magazine article "Manage your risk, not somebody else's"

Description/Abstract: More than 99 percent of U.S. employer firms are in the small and midsize (SMB) space, and they're getting crushed by countless regulations and standards. There must be a better way to manage the seemingly endless train of auditors and fire drills. Even more importantly, do any of these regulations reduce business risk and help improve business resilience? Just whose risk is really being managed? This presentation will discuss cost effective steps to regain control while simultaneously meeting regulatory obligations and achieving a legally defensible risk posture that helps ensure business survivability.

Title: Talk Pretty: 7 Easy Steps to a Better Presentation

Description: This is a firetalk that I threw together after attending ShmooCon a few years ago and being thoroughly disgusted by the incredibly terrible quality of presentations. I've given the talk a couple times. It's intended to last about 10 minutes total and should be relatively self-explanatory.

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