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GBN: "A Few Thoughts on the NIST CSF"

A Few Thoughts on the NIST CSF

"Pre-dating my joining Gartner, I am currently co-chair of the Information Security Committee within the American Bar Association's Section of Science and Technology. This blog post was triggered by conversations that occurred at the Fall 2014 ISC meeting, which was held over the weekend of October 26-27 in Washington, DC. The ISC also traditionally meets the Saturday and Sunday preceding the RSA USA Conference, as well as contributing content to the Law Track of that event.

"NIST last week released the most recent draft of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), providing an opportunity for public comment. This document was triggered by an Executive Ordered issued earlier in 2013 by President Obama, and is the result of the combined efforts of NIST, DHS, and industry contributors."

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And now for something a little different...

Q4 Challenge: Drop "Risk," Be More Precise
I've decided to try something a little different. Near the beginning of each quarter I'm going to issue a challenge to everyone (colleagues, clients, vendors, etc.) in order to see if we can't tackle a common obstacle to business and security. We'll see how it goes, and I hope you'll both participate and keep me honest throughout the designated timeframe!

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