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You Gotta See These :)

Since I've again been remiss in my own writing this week (hey, there's always tomorrow!;), I thought I'd highlight what I think are the best pieces of the week, if not of the year! :)

First up, you have to read Jack Daniel's "The Pandering Pentagram of Prognostication" as he absolutely hits the nail on the head as concerns the annual prognostications we see.

Next up, you have to watch the Chris Eng's sequel on "infosec thought leadership," titled "The Thought Leader... One Year Later" - it's so spot-on, it's almost eerie to watch. ;)

Happy Holidays! :)

While shoveling snow this evening I occupied myself by composing the following... :)

DIRECTV's Billing System of Doom


Help me out, folks, cuz I'm at a loss here... I think there's something seriously wrong with DIRECTV's billing system... or maybe it's billing systems? The past couple months I received summary statements by email that said I owed $0.00. This was great - free TV, who wouldn't like that? So, just to be sure, I go online, and sure enough, the online statements say that I owe $0.00.

Then I get my credit card bill (yeah yeah misconfigured payment method sue me - actually, check that, it wasn't my fault, but anyway)... I have charges for the months of Nov and Dec - the very same months where the statements said I owed $0.00. ?!?!?!?!?! So, I start digging further and I find that, yes, the statements do in fact reflect a payment made in conjunction with the billing cycle. As a matter of fact, it turns out that the reason my bills said I owed $0.00 was because they were charging me on the same day that the statements were generated, which meant that my summary would zero out even though I'd just made a payment.

2010 Prognostication

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I don't recall doing any sort of predictions for the coming year before, so I thought I might try it this year. Of course, far be it for me to deliver the line straight, so if you detect a wee bit of snark, then you might want to adjust your sarcasm meters, because I'm going for the gold here. :)

Without further adieu...

Top 11 Signs We Never Settled in Phoenix

11. Half our garage was full of packed boxes.
10. Only one car (of two) got AZ plates.
9. Bookshelves were never reassembled.
8. Half my clothes were still in tubs.
7. Only the kiddo had a doctor.
6. We never bothered to find a dentist.
5. We never bothered moving closer to our employers.
4. We never adjusted to having deadly creepy crawlies around the house. *shudder*
3. We kept all our winter clothing.
2. We still think 85 is a fairly warm day.
1. We sprinted at the first chance to move away.

Humor: A Movie Never Made

Trying to be a little funny... perhaps trying too hard... :) In response to my lament that some group called the "Manhattan Airport Foundation" wants to level Central Park to make it into an airport (see this story) came the following exchange on twitter today:

@cunningpike: It's for the next Billy Crystal/Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan vehicle - a blend of "You've Got Mail", "Forget Paris" and "Terminal"

@falconsview: is it called "Forget Terminal Mail Velocity"? :) a love story of spam and phishing? :)

@falconsview: Crystal writes them poorly [ed. "them" being spam/phishing messages], Ryan falls in love w their oddness [ed. "their" being the messages], Hanks is the foil and bf of Ryan, completing the triangle? :)

Hey, I thought it was funny... @cunningpike was moved to tears (cunningpike: Beautiful. Poetry. It's bringing tears to my eyes). :)

(Hat tip to @cunningpike for seeding the idea.:)

Are you familiar with the classic South Park episode "The Underpants Business"? For some strange reason it reminded me of PCI compliance today...

Phase 1: Publish PCI DSS
Phase 2: ???
Phase 3: Security!

Wait, Wait, No, I Have a Better Idea...

Lest we forget where we as a tech industry in the 21st century came from... :)


Dilbert on Workstation Security

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In case you missed it today... :)

(click to see full-size in original enclosure)

This is an amazing video by one clever and musically talented dude. It takes movie theme songs and combines it into a lovely compilation with Star Wars tribute lyrics. Check it out! :)

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