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New Research: Security in a DevOps World
Hot off the presses, new research from Sean Kenefick and me titled "Security in a DevOps World," which is available to Gartner for Tech Professionals subscribers at

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GBN: Rebooting the GRC Space

Rebooting the GRC Space
He's been talking about it for almost a year now, and this week we are starting to see some of the progress from the effort. For those of you who have followed the GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) space, you'll know that it's a bit of a nightmare. It's been sub-divided, historically, between "IT GRC" and "EGRC" ("E" being for "enterprise"). There are also a couple other potential categories, like "Legal GRC" and "Financial GRC," but those have been far less prominent.

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New Research on IT Risk Assessment and Analysis Methods
I'm pleased to announce that our new paper, "Comparing Methodologies for IT Risk Assessment and Analysis," is now available to Gartner for Technical Professionals subscribers! This research represents a few months of work, including many interviews with method owners and method implementers. The research process was quite fascinating and led to some unique insights.

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As of this week, I have a new paper published titled "Global Security Futures: Architectural Implications of Gartner's Security 2020 Scenario" that takes a look at the Security 2020 report from the perspective of technical professionals. This paper is available now through the portal to GTP subscribers.

Summary: (...)

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GBN: "NAC Has a Promising Future"

My latest Gartner blog post:

NAC Has a Promising Future I'm pleased to announce that my first paper, "Using NAC to Reduce Risk Related to BYOD and Unmanaged Devices," has been published as of Oct 31st. This paper was co-authored with Eric Maiwald (who was lead). The topic was somewhat outside my comfort zone, but overall was a very good and interesting project. I think the resulting report is very good and will be of distinct interest to GTP clients.

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